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Traveling Amtrak

As a birthday present a friend bought me a ticket to take Amtrak down from New York’s Penn Station to Atlanta and it was definitely one of the best presents ever. I like the convenience of plane travel only in the sense that the flight itself is quicker. One caveat is that you must enjoy long train rides. New York to Atlanta on the Crescent 19 is 18 hours. Personally I love train travel. I hope in the future more and more Americans take it. The steady sound of the train is very relaxing. You don’t have nearly the same hassle of luggage space (and being nickel and dimed for baggage fees) or seat space. The staff was really helpful too making sure people could be seated together. For smokers, they make designated smoking stops. Going through Washington DC, you get a decent view of Lincoln Memorial as well as the Washington Monument. There was a snack car open till midnight with standard things like chips, drinks, wine and beer and burgers. There was also a dining car. We checked about the pasta and the baked chicken. I’d give my food maybe a 6 but considering the experience, maybe an 8. It’s worth it just to do. I absolutely would take this trip again. For my next visit I’ll check with the train first. Amtrak has frequent specials to stay competitive with the airlines too especially for regional routes. My ticket for example was about $200 versus around $350-$400 via plane.

National Train Day

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