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You Are A Hugging Machine! Seriously

I heard an interview with Dr. Temple Grandin, an animal scientist and autistic person on NPR the other day. The interview went into her work on devising humane ways to treat animals and the connections between autistics and humans.

She also invented something brilliant for autistic people called the Hugging Machine:
Hugging Machine

A hug machine — also known as hug box, squeeze machine, or squeeze box — is a deep pressure device designed to calm hypersensitive persons, usually individuals with autism spectrum disorders. The therapeutic, stress-relieving device was originally conceived and designed by Temple Grandin in 1965.  Autism profoundly affects both social interactions and sensitivity to sensory stimulation, often making it uncomfortable or impractical to turn to other human beings for comfort. Grandin solved this by designing the hug machine so both she and others could turn to it for sensory relief, whenever needed or simply desired.
Source: Wikipedia

What wonderful idea. Such a simple notion. It’s worth noting that a movie called Temple Gradin based on her life is coming out soon on HBO starring Claire Danes.


One Response to “You Are A Hugging Machine! Seriously”

  1. I understand why she some feel that autism is a gift, but I doubt they felt that way growing up, and I doubt that all of the parents who have autistic children at the other of the spectrum feel that way. It’s a gift only when one makes it into one. A good lesson that to learn is not to be so hasty to give up on a child at such a young age. It seems like doctors categorize autistic children very young, and that sets the tone for the rest of their lives. As far as we’ve come, there is still much that medical science does not understand and cannot explain about autistic children, or many other things for that matter.

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