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Last Night’s Superbowl + Leno Letterman Commercial?

Last Night’s Superbowl was exciting but not as high-scoring as I was expecting. I’m really, really happy for New Orleans. Not that they need an excuse to party in NOLA but this is cause for celebration. The symbolism of the victory wasn’t lost on anyone. I hope this brings an influx of tourist and dollars to New Orleans.

The Saints played a relatively clean game last night to the surprise of many. Was this because the Indy defense handles themselves well? Partially. The Saints defense, largely absent during the first half, stepped it up in the second. Obviously all credit goes to Tracey Porter for that all important interception which sank the Colts chances.
Below are what I thought were the top three best ads:

Betty White for Snickers: She’s so likable. And what a time for a comeback. Some people have started a facebook group petitioning for her to host Saturday Night Live!

Google: Easily the most striking commercial and as a friend mentioned, probably the cheapest to make. Also, I didn’t know you could just type in a flight airline and number and find out the schedule?!

David Letterman with Jay Leno and Oprah: My goodness. How unexpected was this? I read that Letterman and Leno hadn’t seen each other in 20 years? Hatchet buried? Not likely knowing Letterman.

Also worth noting: Last night was my first superbowl party (granted it was only the 5 of us)!
Foods eaten included:
Fried Chicken Wings
Hot Wings
Deli Sandwiches
Potato Chips
Modest Amount of Beer


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