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A pain in my arch…

The running program for the year is going well. My new Asics appeared to provide the stability needed to pound the treadmill and the pavement. This week though my left plantar fasciitis (Note I didn’t know this term – I learned it from Amby Burfoot’s book) started to ache when at a running pace. Thankfully it hasn’t taken me out of commission. It does however make me wonder if my form changed. For example, am I landing harder on my left foot or coming down at an angle to cause the discomfort?

Per the Amby Burfoot book Beginning Running, the P.F can get stretched or inflamed. It recommended a couple of stretches. Also, I’m going to ice it on the off days for now. I admit that a small “injury” however minor I secretly want to hold up as a badge of honor. Silly right? But it’s a a step up from the initial shin splints.


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