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Stevie Nicks Backing Up Taylor Swift: Sweet Little Lies?

At the Grammy’s last night, who thought Stevie should sing backing vocals for Taylor Swift. I understand that I’m not a teenage girl so I’m not the target audience. I also understand that Taylor Swift makes well done pop music. It’s not my cup of tea but I see why she has an audience. Steve Nicks however makes much better, more grown up rock music. If they’re trying to imply that Taylor is the new generation’s Stevie Nicks, then they’re in big big trouble.

Also did anyone else notice that Taylor Swift’s name is a combination of two breakfast sausage companies? Just me? I figured. Gold Dust Woman or a sausage amalgamation? My money is on Stevie.


One Response to “Stevie Nicks Backing Up Taylor Swift: Sweet Little Lies?”

  1. She’s pretty average…definitely better than Beyonce though. I noticed one of her songs sounds almost exactly the same as another song a male pop band does….buuuuut i cant remember what the song is atm!!…but does anyone know what I’m talking about? lol

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