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My News Asics GT-2140

My Adidas Asics

At first Saucony was my favorite sneaker brand, specifically Saucony Jazz. I loved their casual, 70s influence feel. I went through 2 or 3 pairs one year. These are great – for walking and are pretty cheap, selling in the range of $35-$50. (Apparently they also sell Saucony running shoes – mental note to check them out eventually).
Saucony Jazz
Saucony Jazz

In the last few years though as running changed into a bigger part of my life, I demanded sneakers that manage to take a beating. During this stretch of time, my loyalties have switched between a variety of shoe brands including:

New Balance 749 – coming off wearing the Saucony walking shoes, these sneakers supported the whole foot and were actual running shoes. They provided stability in particular for the arch. Eventually though the cushioning wore down, sneaker weight also became an issue resulting in the sensation of being flat footed. ($50-$60). It important to note though that by the time of replacement time quite a few miles were on this model. (I would buy New Balance again but maybe a lighter model)

Mizunos Wave Nexus 2 – this brand was unknown to me until a recommendation from a friend who is a runner. They are extremely light (it felt like half the weight of the New Balance). They definitely breathed well. It was helpful to add an extra gel insole to this shoe but that may be personal preference. These shoes last a good long time (At least 500 miles put on it). Cost was around $70 on sale at the time at Paragon Sports.

Asics GT-2140 – I actually gladly would’ve gotten another pair of the same Mizunos but they were full price during this last visit to Paragon. With the help of the running specialist I eventually chose my first pair of Asics (after also looking at Mizuno’s, New Balance, and Brooks).The GT-2140 (Lord know if the name really means any thing) felt immediately comfortable. They felt lighter (close to Mizunos) than the New Balance but provide the same stability in the arch and heel. I’ve used these now for about two weeks and am very happy with them. My feet feel supported and not weighed down. I’ll provide a followup later in the year on how they’re holding up.
Asics GT 2140
Asics GT 2140
I just read that in 2008 the Asics GT 2140 was chosen as Editor’s Choice by Runner’s World!


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